About Disability

Disability Advocacy Group is a group of the people with all types of disabilities. It is a Pressure Group representing collective voice of persons with disabilities. Children, women and men with any type of disability are provided equal dignity and an opportunity to participate. Persons with disabilities from all villages, talukas and districts represent to the group. The group represents issues and problems faced by persons with disabilities to every segment of the society and government and it makes active efforts for its solutions. Disability Advocacy Group is a development organization. It provides priority to the issues of the children with disabilities.


Disability Advocacy Group is value based organization and it stresses over following values

  • Equality
  • Dignity of individual
  • No discrimination
  • Organizational / Individual Development
  • Result oriented planning
  • Rights based approach
  • Gender sensitization


Disability Advocacy Group is a membership based autonomous body with following approaches.

  • Decentralization of the power
  • Democracy based decision making
  • Equal membership to women with disabilities
  • Membership to person with any kind of disability
  • Total transparency

Objective of the Disability Advocacy Group

  • Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
  • To continue to make efforts for protection of rights of the persons with disabilities
  • To empower women with disabilities and enhance their participation


Advocacy for the issues of the persons and children with disabilities

  • To generate awareness and positive attitude towards disabilities and persons with disabilities in the society.
  • Advocacy for education, employment and rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities
  • To share information among marginalized persons with disabilities/ living in far interiors areas
  • To make efforts to prevent disabilities.
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