• Advocacy in the direction of barrier free atmosphere
  • Awareness generation about Person with disabilities and other ACTs. Coordination and advocacy with concerning
    government departments.
  • Advocacy about rights and social inclusion of the persons with disabilities.
  • To secure membership representation by the member of the Disability Advocacy Group at every committee formed for
    persons with disabilities by government at district, state and central level.
  • To propagate the schemes for persons with disabilities
  • To form district wise information/resource center
  • Solution to issues affecting persons with disabilities at block and district level and advocacy in the direction of rights.
  • Awareness generation & advocacy about the needs and rights of the women and children with disabilities.
  • Capacity Building of the persons with disabilities and activities to generate unity among them.
  • Initiated dialogue with every segment of the society and made efforts for the development of the persons with disabilities
    and for specifying their role.

Leadership Capacity Building programs for persons with disabilities for implementing advocacy of disability from village to
state level.

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State Convention PWD 8-9 Nov 2008, Gauravdeep

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